It is an age of momentous change. All around the world things are changing, problems are arising: the intensification of global competition; economic expansion of developing countries; low birth rates and population aging; environmental and energy issues and many more. These call for bold decisions and reorganization in business management.

At Kawamura Electric Inc., we see many opportunities here, and we are determined to change along with the times. Major transformations in the business environment present both risks and great opportunities. There are many new business domains where Kawamura can carve out its future, whether in alternative energy, represented by solar power generation, energy management systems such as HEMS and BEMS, or in ubiquitous computing and new transmission systems.

We will continue to anticipate the new technologies required for the future, and incorporate them in our unique products – whether physical products or complete solutions. In this way, we will strive to ensure that our company satisfies real needs. All employees of Kawamura Electric Inc. are committed to achieve this dream in the future.

Yukitoshi Kawamura
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


Established in 1919, Kawamura Electric Inc. has striven for almost a century to provide technologies and services that ensure safer, and more reliable electricity for the betterment of society.

Today, the environment in which our company operates is changing at a dramatic and surprising pace. Before the Great East Japan Earthquake, the main requirement was for safe and reliable energy. After the disaster there has been a powerful wave of change of needs, demanding efficiency in use, and the production of environmentally responsible energy. Kawamura Electric Inc. fully intends to step up to this challenge.

In addition to ensuring safe,and reliable electricity, we will expand our business domain to include measurement, monitoring and control in order to achieve greater efficiency. This includes fields of energy production such as solar power generation, EMS (energy management systems) such as HEMS, BEMS and MEMS, and DC transmission systems that we expect to come into use soon. We will also seek to break into the field of ubiquitous ICT that governs these domains, representing a new departure for our company.

Furthermore, we will continue to contribute to business development in the booming overseas markets of China, Southeast Asia, and South Asia, with the operational expertise and proprietary technologies fostered in our Japanese business domains. This is a new field of global endeavor worthy of Kawamura Electric Inc.

Since our foundation, we have maintained a philosophy of familial solidarity among all our employees, sharing triumphs and defeats so that all of the individual workers can dedicate themselves to their jobs with responsibility and pride. Based on this traditional foundation, we will continue to meet the challenges of changing times.

Kazutaka Mizuno
Chief Operating Officer