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【JECA FAIR 2014】Won Mayor Prize of Osaka in Product Contest

Thank you for your patronage towards Kawamura products.

Our product, DC Breaker for Solar Power Generation, won Mayor Prize of Osaka in Product Contest in the 62nd Electrical Construction Equipment and Materials Fair (JECA FAIR 2014). We have received the prizes in the said fair for 9 successive years.


DC Breaker for Solar Power Generation

“DC Breaker for Solar Power Generation” has achieved downsizing by the technology of two-pole DC interruption. The volume ratio compared to our conventional DC breaker is 50%. It helps reduce the size of DC collection boxes as well and leads to installation of collection boxes in wider variety of places.

・Technology 1
Double-contact blade structure
Two-pole interruption has been achieved by making two contacts like a seesaw.


・Technology 2
Even contact pressure by the independent arm structure

The combined arm structure may cause electric instability due to uneven pressure on either contact. The independent arm for each of the two contacts ensures even pressure.


Kawamura Electric Inc. strive for contribution for the solar power generation industry by manufacturing and selling the relevant electric distribution products for residential and industrial use. The product that won the prize is the fruit of our highly evaluated technology as an electric equipment manufacturer that has achieved significant downsizing of the DC breaker and contributes to the future smart society.
The prize is very encouraging to us for further development of unique products in order to serve the evolution of the energy-creation industry for environmental protection.